Alexium International Group to execute Purchase Order for New Client


Alexium International Group Limited (OTCQX:AXXIY) is pleased to announce that they have received a large purchase order from a new customer that is a part of the home furnishings market. Alexium has been working with a new customer to perform multiple short production-scale trials at the customer’s facility over the past few months.

The purchase order that Alexium has received is to run a substantial amount of yardage to confirm exceptional performance results from the production trials that were earlier conducted. This will be done prior to the full commercial launch of the product. Alexium expects this to be a valuable relationship for both of the parties involved. It is predicted that the project will generate anywhere between $3-10 million annually in revenues.

The CEO of Alexium, Nicholas Clark stated, “We are continuing to generate strong interest in the commercial sector markets, and this opportunity with a major U.S. company in the home furnishings arena will help cement Alexium’s reputation for environmentally-friendly, performance based, durable and cost effective Fire Retardant solutions.”



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