Breathe eCig Corp. looks to grow with the completion of Two Subsidiaries


Breathe eCig Corp. (OTCQB:BVAP), the electronic cigarette industry innovator and pioneer has announced today that formation of its two wholly owned subsidiaries: Breathe IP Corp. and Breathe MD Corp. have been completed. The two branches will each have their own focus. Breathe IP will focus on the patents and Breathe MD will focus on the technology and the medical devices. By forming these two subsidiaries, it will represent incremental new operating businesses and diversification, as the focus of the company will remain on the E-Cigarette.

The platform that Breathe eCig has created should pave the way to potentially partner with large pharmaceutical and life science companies, along with foundations and government health care agencies across the world.

Breathe CEO Mr. Josh Kimmel stated, “Breathe has now legally formed these two wholly owned subsidiaries with the office of the Secretary of State of Nevada.  The Company is excited to pursue joint venture partnerships and collaboration agreements with pharmaceutical companies, medical device developers, and foundations.  The Company also believes that incorporating its technology platform into medical devices is a socially responsible approach, as it provides medical patients with the opportunity to benefit from Breathe’s extensive intellectual portfolio.”


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