Naked Brand Group launches their new website to optimize online and mobile shopping


The Naked Brand Group Inc. (OTCQB:NAKD) is pleased to announce the launching of their revamped and enhanced the online shopping experience for their customers at The Naked Brand Group is a lifestyle brand that is focused on innovative and luxurious sleepwear. The new website is aimed at increasing direct customer experience online. Along with the website, the company is also improving with their product packaging, marketing, advertising and their social media marketing campaigns. Coming in February will be the new Men’s collection that can be found in Nordstrom stores across America.

“We expect our new ecommerce platform will be a critical channel for connecting directly to customers and we believe it has enormous growth potential, particularly as we expand into woman’s intimate apparel as 2015 unfolds,” said Joel Primus, Founder and President of Naked. “Our direct-to-consumer shopping experience now reflects the seamless way form meets function in our extraordinary Naked products. Like our new logo design and best-in-class product packaging, our online user experience now exemplifies the core DNA of the Naked brand.”

“Our objective in expanding and enhancing our entire ecommerce and logistics platform was to improve the overall experience for our loyal customers while creating an environment to drive trial and engagement with new customers,” says Carole Hochman, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Naked. “With dynamic marketing campaigns, expanded product collections set for release throughout 2015, and now our new ecommerce platform in place to accelerate growth of direct-to-consumer sales, key components are in place to take Naked to the next level.”



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