OTCStockExchange BUCS Alert- Could Human Nature Drive This Stock Higher?


Hello All,


Well we were right about our last alert being ready to bounce off it’s support area unfortunately this was a tough one for most to capture the profit on.


The stock made a 23% price gain but unless you were one of the lucky ones to get filled pre market and sell into the gap on the open the rest of the day was a bit tough.


We did hear from a few people that were able to book decent profits buying on dips and selling into rallys so congratulations to them.


We would also like to congratulate those that followed the trading rules and did not use market orders or chase the stock on the open.


Sometimes the smart play is to realize that a big chunk of the profit potential just went out the window and walk away.


The problem is, we are all human, we all have huge egos and think that we can beat the system.


I know the trading rules say not to chase gaps but I can feel it.

This is going to be the one that goes straight up.


I know the trading rules say that I should sell as soon as it breaks below the price mentioned in the newsletter but look at all this volume today. It has to mean something. This stock is going to turn around any second. Im just going to hold on for a few minutes longer.


I know the trading rules tell me to use a stop loss order but the last time I did, the stock came down, touched my price for a second, I got sold out, the stock turned and ran up 10 minutes later and I missed out on all those profits.


Boy free will can be a killer sometimes. Like in life, sometimes we need to get beat up a bit before we realize “Hmmm maybe I should just follow the rules instead of trying to make up my own”.


So, please remember our simple trading rules. We promise you they will help everyone.


Okay, lets take a look at another stock that looks ready to go!


Our alert for Thursday is Business Continuity Solutions, Inc., BUCS, and the stock closed Wednesday at 7.1 cents.


Please begin your research here: http://www.bcs-data.com/ and

here: http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=BUCS.PK&ql=0


Here’s some information to get you started:


BUCS is in what is really one of the hottest technology areas right now. Cloud Computing. This area will continue to be hot for the next decade and I promise you this, somewhere out there right now is a cloud computing company that is going to go from tiny to $5 billion in sales and their name will be on the tip of everyones tongue.


Who knows if BUCS will be it but at least they are in the right area.


Because of this, these stocks will get the attention of a lot of investors as they pick up on the trend and try to find the next big thing.


BUCS is moving in the right direction for sure and their revenue numbers show it.


BUCS attributes much of its revenue growth to its new “Continuity Cloud”.


BUCS revenue increased 42% for Q1 2011 over Q4 2010.


BUCS revenue increased 224% for Q2 2011 over Q1 2011.


Those numbers are great and investors are starting to take notice.


Let’s take a look at some of the indicators on the chart now. They are looking strong as well.


According to Barchart.com many of the indicators are well into positive territory.


7 Day Average Directional Indicator                  Buy

10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel          Buy

20 Day Moving Average vs Price                        Buy

20 Day Bollinger Bands                                     Buy

50 Day Moving Average vs Price                        Buy

50 Day Parabolic Time/Price                             Buy

60 Day Commodity Channel Index                    Buy

100 Day Moving Average vs Price                     Buy

50 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator                         Buy


Now we all know technical indicators don’t move stocks, human nature does, and because we trade against people and how we think

they will react to a story, they become important.


Stories get people excited and these technicals add a great

backdrop to the BUCS story.


If you only learn one thing from us, I want it to be this. The best story in the world, if kept secret, can not be acted on. This is why we focus on the stocks that are looking for exposure. If a stock has a strong story and enough people hear about it, some of those people will take action, bringing buyers into the market and thats how we make money!! MORE BUYERS.


More people will know about BUCS tomorrow than do today. The story is starting to get out.


Put BUCS on your watchlist immediately!



Do your own research. Verify everything.

Do not use market orders to enter a position, use limit orders.

If a stock gaps up, dont chase it, look for pullbacks to enter.

If a stock breaks below our alert price GET OUT. Do not wait.

Always use stop loss orders to protect yourself.

Always take profits when ever you can. Do Not Be Greedy.

Do something to make someone else’s life better today.

Have Fun!!


Good Trading,




If you do not trade with a broker that allows stops GET ONE.

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