Rightscorp launches Streaming Rights Monitoring Service to prevent content piracy


Rightscorp (OTCQB:RIHT) has announced today that it has launched it Streaming Rights Monitoring (SRM) service for broadcaster and content owner that are trying to prevent unauthorized rebroadcasts of their content. Rightscorp is the leading provider of monetization services for artists and owners of copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP).

Christopher Sabec, Rightscorp CEO, stated, “We believe that creators and owners of content should have the right to determine how their content is distributed.  Our new SRM service is designed to assist rights holders in retaining and exercising their rights to determine how their content is distributed and monetized.”

Robert Steele, Rightscorp President added, “The piracy of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match illustrated new challenges for content owners to get compensated for their content.  Our system sees hundreds of millions of events of illegal content distribution around the world in which the content owner is not paid, while other participants in the piracy ecosystem are making money.  As cable subscription, PPV, and VOD revenues continue to decrease, unauthorized uses where the owner and creator receives no compensation are literally exploding.  We are excited about bringing new solutions to content creators.”



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